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A Journey Of Six Weeks Starts Here.

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·Jun 12, 2022·

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A Journey Of Six Weeks Starts Here.

Side hustle bootcamp kickstarted just a week after it’s internship where it trained thousands of people on different tech skills… and now it’s time for these group of trainees to come together and build a startup.

My team & I embarked on our project a week ago and we will like to share this interesting journey with you, hence, this blog.

Our new baby is called PEERSAPP.

Excited much!

The scope of PeersApp is to help students have a platform to learn more beyond their classrooms, socialize and have better access to important educational information worldwide.

The product management team started by conducting user research to understand our target audience's mindsets, motivations, and behaviors. We then analyze the user research, came up with scenarios of interaction and created a user persona. (See below.)

We also came up with an easy-to-use flow diagram illustrating the whole journey of the user from entering the app to achieving their goal. (See below.)

The Product Management team also assigned one member each to work with other teams for easy communication.

The product design team conducted user research, created a design system and commenced work on low fidelity wireframes. (See below.)

The Microsoft office team analyzed the research data (responses) gotten from the Product Design and Product Management Teams with Excel.

After studying the brand story, our graphic design team were able to have an idea of what elements would be suitable for the brand.

Since our product is targeted at students, we decided that a font that is not too serious and at the same time not too playful will be good. That is how we came up with using the Poppins font family.

The logo was inspired by the name of the app and brand story.

It is important that our colours are soothing to the eyes of our users, what is why the color shade of blue and nude were carefully chosen.

So, we have been able to come up with the colour codes, typography and logo design for the project this week.

The digital marketing team created our social media pages and have our strategy and content calendar ready for the month of June.

The video animation team collaborated with the content creation team to create an anticipation video for our product using the brand design guide created by the graphic design team. (See below.)

All our mobile app, Frontend and Backend developers were expected to have a github account which will be used for collaborating on the development of the app. Those that did not have a github account have created one and it has been added to the PeersApp community organization on github. Also, the mobile app developers’ team were given a product requirement document by the PMs which contains the kind of app we will be creating, the content and all the features of the app.

The Wordpress, Frontend, Backend and Python team worked together to create an entity relational diagram or ERD for the database for easy visualization. They made use of HTML/CSS to design the Landing Page and ensured all social media link associated with the project was embedded in the HTML codes and Logo received from the Graphics design team.

Also, a Mailchimp account was signed up with the PeersApp official email and embedded codes from the Mailchimp account was copied and included in the HTML codes to allow everyone to subscribe to our newsletter on Launching. (See below.)

The quality assurance team started working on the user flow provided by the product management team to create some test cases for the project.

The customer relationship management team conducted a research & chose a CRM tool to use, they also researched questions people could ask about our project and created a FAQ document for the Frontend team to add to the landing page. In addition, we now have a account customers can reach us on… thanks to our CRM team.

It wasn’t easy this first week but it has been exciting and we hope the next one is even better.

See you next week!

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